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 Richer from the nutritional point of view, dehydrated meat is obtained through the dehydration of fresh meat (a portion of water is removed): in this way there is a concentration of nutrients there contained.

• Hygienic and sanitary security through the heat treatment applied to the meat is ensured.
• 1 kg fresh meat = 1 kg dehydrated meat?
The equivalence can be true from the mathematical point of view, but not nutrition-wise: fresh meat contains on average 70-75% water, while dehydrated meat contains only 10%. Starting from the same % of fresh and dehydrated meat, what will remain in nutritional principles (proteins, fats, etc.) in the finished product is extremely different: the ratio of nutrients given by fresh meat in the same quantity as dehydrated meat – once the water is lost during processing – is definitely lower. This is why in all the DADO dry products, Valpet chooses to use dehydrated meat.